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GS Junior System

The power of next-gen sequencing in your hands

The GS Junior System brings the power of 454 Sequencing Systems directly to the laboratory benchtop. Get comprehensive genome coverage with long 400 bp sequencing reads and quickly proceed from DNA to discovery with fast sequencing runs and straightforward data analysis on the attendant computer.

See how researchers worldwide are using the GS Junior System!

  • Powered by proven technology: Uses GS Junior Titanium chemistry to deliver high-quality, bioinformatics-friendly, long read data
  • Fits in your lab: Small instrument size, along with low entry and operating costs, enables labs with limited budget and infrastructure to take advantage of next gen sequencing
  • Easy to use: Manageable data size allows processing and analysis right on the attendant computer without the need for specialized computing or network infrastructures
  • Point-and-click data analysis: Includes the GS Data Analysis Software for de novo assembly, reference mapping and amplicon variant analysis
  • Perfectly size for a wide range of sequencing applications:

An integrated solution from sample prep to data analysis. The GS Junior System includes a high-performance desktop computing station and a complete suite of point-and-click data analysis software.

GS Junior System
Read Length ~400 bp
Throughput Profile

- 85% of total bases from reads >400 bp in length
- 45% of total bases from reads >500 bp in length*

Throughput ~35 Mb
Reads per Run ~100,000 shotgun, 70,000 amplicon
Accuracy Q20 read length of 400 bases (99% accuracy at 400 bases and higher for preceding bases)
Run Time 10 hours
Sample Input gDNA, PCR products (amplicons) or cDNA, depending on the application
Multiplexing Multiplex identifiers (MIDs) tags: 132
Gaskets: 1 region
Computing Attendant PC for run processing and data analysis included
(w x l x h)
15.8" x 23.6" x 15.8"
(40 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm)
Weight 55 lbs (25 kg)
Power Supply 100 VAC-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 400VA
(The instrument will operate from a minimum of 85 VAC to a maximum of 264 VAC at 50/60 Hz)

*Throughput profile based on shotgun sequencing of bacterial gDNA. Actual results depend on specific sample and genomic characteristics.

Example read length distribution from a GS Junior shotgun sequencing run (E. coli K-12). In this example, average read length is 448 bp with a mode read length of 496 bp.

Product Name Pack Size Catalog Number
GS FLX Titanium Rapid Library Preparation Kit (Shared with GS FLX System) 1 Kit (for 12 library preparations) 05608228001
GS FLX Titanium Rapid Library MID Adaptors (Shared with GS FLX System) 1 Kit (for 96 library preparations) 05619211001
GS FLX Titanium Library Paired End Adaptors (Shared with GS FLX System) 1 Kit (for 10 assays) 05463343001
GS Junior Titanium emPCR Kit (Lib-L) 1 Kit (for 1 emulsion amplification) 05996481001
GS Junior Titanium emPCR Kit (Lib-A) 1 Kit (for 1 emulsion amplification) 05996520001
GS Junior Titanium Sequencing Kit 1 Kit (for 1 sequencing run) 05996554001
GS Junior Titanium PicoTiterPlate Kit 1 Plate (with accessories) 05996619001
GS Junior Titanium Control Bead Kit 1 Kit (for 1 sequencing run) 05996643001
GS Junior Maintenance Wash Kit 1 Kit (for 1 maintenance wash run) 05889111001
GS Junior Sipper Maintenance Kit 1 Kit (with 10 tubes) 05954070001
GS Junior Preventative Maintenance Kit 1 Kit 05898765001
GS Junior Titanium Sequencing Buffers Kit 1 Kit 06627846001
GS Junior Reagent Decapping Tool Device 06593020001
GS Junior emPCR Bead CounterV2 Device 06594662001
GS Junior Bead Deposition Device Device 05996473001
GS Junior BDD Counterweight Kit 1 Kit 05889103001
Instruments & Hardware
GS Junior Complete Instrument, Computer, Accessories 05922160001
IKA Turrax Device 05943353001